As a parent-to-be, the list of things that you need to do and learn about in preparation for the arrival of your new baby can be daunting. And the availability of what is commonly referred to as “cord blood banking,” while an extraordinary opportunity, may feel like just one more thing to add to that list. But Americord offers all of the cord blood banking information you need in one place, with easy to understand explanations so that you can to make the right decision for your family and their future medical treatment opportunities without putting more work on your plate. Stem Cells 101 is a useful reference tool and summary of what “cord blood banking” is from a scientific point of view, but in plain language.

At Americord, we are experts so that you don’t have to be. We’ll explain to you how stem cells work for treating more than 80 diseases, as well as why it may be the right choice for you and your family. The future of health is here, and the decision to safeguard your baby’s and family’s well-being for the long term is one that you can only make once in a lifetime, at the birth of your child. So don’t waste another moment wondering about cord blood banking pros and cons. Let us teach you the basics and help you to understand how the modern technology involved in the preservation of stem cells from cord blood, cord tissue and placenta tissue is already saving and improving lives. We invite you to review Americord’s cord blood banking information, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any and all questions or for further information about our world-class, affordable services. We are glad to hear from you at any time and look forward to providing you with all the cord blood banking information you need.

Americord blood cord registry is pioneering a new technique that will provide more treatment options to a greater variety of patients in the near future. We are an active member of the cord blood professional community and happily await your inquiries.

Dr. Robert Dracker, MD, MHA, MBA
Executive Medical Director, Americord Registry