About Americord


Americord collects, processes and stores stem cells from newborns' umbilical cord blood, cord tissue, and placenta tissue for future medical or therapeutic use. We are also developing CordAdvantage, a product that uses a proprietary process to harvest stem cells from the cord blood found in the placenta in addition to the umbilical cord blood. Americord is registered with the FDA and the company's laboratory is accredited by the AABB.

Americord is a family bank

There are two types of cord blood banks, family banks (like Americord) and public donor banks. While they both preserve newborns’ stem cells, they have significant differences.

Family banks:

  • Preserve a newborn’s stem cells for the exclusive use of his or her own family any time they are needed
  • Will store any newborn’s stem cells regardless of family health history, maternal exposure to viruses, and international travel
  • Are accessible nationwide; no matter where you give birth in the United States you will have access to a family bank
  • Are sometimes referred to as “private cord blood banks


Public banks:

  • Preserve a newborn’s stem cells for use by unrelated people (the public)
  • Will store a newborn’s stem cells only if certain eligibility requirements are met, including family health history, and may refuse to store stem cells based on maternal exposure to viruses and international travel
  • Only exist at specified hospitals in limited regional locations in the United States, primarily because of limited funding of public banks


Americord’s proprietary CordAdvantage product

Americord's CordAdvantage product, which we are developing, is a proprietary, patent-pending process that uses an FDA-approved drug to harvest a significant amount of stem cells from the cord blood found in the placenta in addition to stem cells found in the cord blood in the umbilical cord. The increased volume of stem cells that Americord can preserve is absolutely critical because while stem cells are already being used to treat nearly 80 diseases, there are simply not enough stem cells in one unit of umbilical cord blood to treat an adult sized patient.

Most cord blood banks do not offer the ability to harvest stem cells from cord blood found in the placenta.

  • One of our competitors who does uses a rinsing technique, called perfusion, to rinse the remaining cord blood from the placental blood vessels. However, independent studies have shown that perfusion produced less than 20% more stem cells than can be harvested from umbilical cord blood alone.
  • CordAdvantage, in comparison, preserves more stem cells as compared to traditional umbilical cord blood banking, enough to treat an adult. CordAdvantage is by far the most valuable and effective method for preserving the maximum amount of stem cells available from your newborn baby.


Americord’s quality and pricing standards

Once you make the decision to preserve cord blood or cord tissue stem cells, compare Americord to the other leading cord blood banking and cord tissue banking companies, such as Viacord or CBR. We provide the highest quality service available. And our cord blood and cord tissue prices are very competitive.

Please note: Americord Registry's activities are limited to collection of umbilical cord tissue from autogeneic donors. Americord Registry's possession of a New York State license for such collection does not indicate approval or endorsement of possible future uses or future suitability of cells derived from umbilical cord tissue. Cord blood and tissue prices are subject to change. Copyright 2008-2013 Americord Registry LLC Cord Blood Bank. All rights reserved. Americord Registry is headquartered in New York, NY.