Cord Blood.


Americord stores newborn stem cells from cord blood and tissue for future therapeutic use.


What Is Cord

Cord blood, which is found in the umbilical cord and in the placenta, is an easily accessible source of stem cells available when a baby is born. The stem cells in the placental and umbilical cord blood are genetically unique to your baby and family. Stem cells have been used to treat over 80 serious diseases and have the potential to treat conditions that have no cure today.

We make cord blood banking affordable.

Americord’s cord blood banking costs $1,999 and includes 20 years of storage, a medical courier, and the only cord blood collection bag approved by the FDA for all births, including C-sections. See how Americord’s Cord Blood and Tissue Services compare against ViaCord and CBR.

Credentials You Can

Americord is registered with the FDA and its laboratory is CLIA Certified, accredited by the AABB and comply with all federal and state guidelines. We also use the only cord blood collection bag approved by the FDA for all births, including C-sections. And we use a medical courier to expedite delivery of your baby’s cord blood to our lab.

Give your child every advantage
Starting at $1,999
20 years of storage included


Cord Blood. Simplified.

We are dedicated to making cord blood banking simple by providing the highest quality cord blood banking services at the most affordable price. Our price includes everything.
• 20 years of storage and a medical courier
• No hidden charges and no annual fees
• $1999 for cord blood or $3998 for cord blood and cord tissue
• We will match any competitor’s price

Quality First.

• Americord’s commitment to providing superior quality is backed by a $90,000 guarantee.
• We use the fastest medical couriers in the US to transport stem cells to our laboratory.
• Our Executive Medical Director is a leading hematologist, a consultant to the FDA’s Pediatric Advisory Committee, and was also part of the Working Group on Cord Blood Stem Cell Guidelines for New York State. He was previously the Executive Medical Director at ViaCord.

The CordAdvantage.

Americord’s proprietary CordAdvantage product, which will be available next year, harvests stem cells from both the placental and umbilical cord blood, and may preserve up to 10 times more stem cells than can be saved from umbilical cord blood alone. The increased volume of stem cells that CordAdvantage will preserve is absolutely critical because, while stem cells are already being used to treat more than 80 diseases, there are simply not enough stem cells in cord blood alone to treat a patient who weighs more than 65 lbs.

Discover the Value of Umbilical Cord Blood

Diseases Treated
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Additional Products and Services

Cord Tissue – $1,999

  • Mesenchymal stem cell collection and storage
  • 20 years of storage included
  • Tissue processed prior to storage
  • 99% cell viability
Placenta Tissue – $1,999

  • Additional source of mesenchymal stem cells
  • Immuno-privileged tissue
  • New process validated 10/2013
  • 99% cell viability

  • Coming soon…
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Americord: The Leader Among Cord Blood BanksYou can make the right choice to expand your family’s future options for medical treatment with a little help from Americord. We provide the best cord blood banking in the industry with knowledgeable, friendly service and a strong history of customer satisfaction.
You have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to save stem cells from cord blood – and that is at the time of your baby’s birth. Stem cells can be stored for years to come and can be used to treat more than 80 diseases and medical conditions. When you choose Americord as your cord blood bank, you are taking a forward-thinking approach to protecting your family’s health. And, unlike many cord blood banking companies, Americord is a family bank – when you choose Americord, your baby’s stem cells are preserved exclusively for your use.With the launch of Americord’s proprietary CordAdvantage product later this year, we will offer the ability to harvest stem cells from both the placental and umbilical cord blood – potentially preserving up to 10 times more stem cells than can be saved from umbilical cord blood alone. This revolutionary new breakthrough will allow Americord to set a new standard in the cord blood industry. It means that you will enjoy greater medical treatment opportunities. Combined with our knowledgeable, friendly service, this will place Americord yet another step above the rest of the cord blood banking companies.Americord’s consistent client satisfaction explains why mothers and fathers choose Americord as their first-choice cord blood bank. We value each and every one of our customers and care deeply about your family’s health. When it comes to choosing a cord blood bank, it is important to consider which one will respond to all of your needs from the time you enroll and throughout the future. At Americord we take care of clients at every step of the way.When you compare our costs with other blood cord storage services, you will also see for yourself the unbeatable prices that we offer as well as payment plans that make saving stem cells more budget-friendly.When you decide to save stem cells, you are taking a forward-thinking approach to protecting your family’s health. Americord will help prepare you today so that you can open the opportunity to enjoy an even happier and healthier tomorrow.At Americord, we are innovators who truly value each and every one of our customers. We are there at a moment’s notice and are always just a phone call away. We have a contemporary vision but remain committed to old-fashioned customer service, with friendly staff and personalized care. You’re not just another customer to us. You are a member of the Americord family and we will take the best care of your stem cells in our state-of-the-art laboratory.


Where is the laboratory located?
Americord’s corporate headquarters is in New York City, our cord blood laboratory is in Indianapolis, we do product development in upstate NY, and our fulfillment operations are in CA and NY.

When do I get my Americord Collection Kit?
Americord sends the Americord Collection Kit via FedEx, so you should have it within a few days after you enroll with us. If you start to go into labor before you receive the kit, we can send a courier with a kit to you at the hospital. In such a case, an expedited shipping fee (usually $299) would apply.

When do I call the medical courier?
After your baby is born, call the phone number on the Americord Collection Kit (our main number) to schedule a pickup by our medical courier. The courier will confirm the hospital location and pick up the kit from your bedside, usually within a couple of hours.
Need a kit now?
Call us at 866-503-6005 and we will send an umbilical cord blood collection kit by courier to your home or hospital.